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State and National Competition Events

3-D Animation

In this event, animation will be used to create a standalone video product. This event consists of a 3D animated video presented at the NLC. The overview of design and development efforts will be presented to a panel of judges. The video should be no more than three (3) minutes and copyright issues should be addressed in the credits of the film.

Accounting I

Journalizing | account classification | terminology | concepts and practices | types of ownership | posting | income statements | balance sheets | worksheets | bank reconciliations | payroll | depreciation | manual and computerized systems | ethics

Accounting II

Financial statements | corporate accounting | ratios and analysis | accounts receivable and payable | budgeting and cash flow | cost accounting/ manufacturing | purchases and sales | journalizing | income tax | payroll | inventory | plant assets and depreciation | departmentalized accounting | ethics | partnerships


Personal Selling and Sales Promotion; Traditional and Alternative Advertising Media; Consumer Behavior; Basic Marketing Functions; Branding and Positioning; Economy; Advertising Plan; Legal and Ethical Issues; Diversity and Multicultural Market; Public Relations; Creation of the Advertisement; Consumer-Oriented Advertising; Financial Planning; Communication; Consumer Purchase Classifications; Target Market; Market Segmentation; Product Development; Product Life Cycle; Price Planning; Channels of Distribution; Marketing Research; Effective Advertising and Promotional Messages; Budget; Financing Advertising Campaigns; Demographics; History and Influences; Advertising Industry and Careers; Supply Chain Management; Distribution Logistics; Internet; Self-Regulation; Careers; Advertising Workplace; Leadership, Career Development, and Team Building; Risk Management


Economics | finance and accounting | health, safety and environmental management | management analysis and decision making | marketing | terminology and trends

American Enterprise Project

Two (2) parts: a prejudged report and a presentation. Competitors must complete both parts for award eligibility.

Banking & Financial Systems

Concepts and practices | basic terminology | government regulation of financial services | impact of technology on financial services | types/differences of various institutions | ethics | careers in financial services | taxation
Case: A problem or scenario encountered in the banking or financial business community.

Broadcast Journalism

Present a newscast to judges.

Business Calculations

Consumer credit | mark-up and discounts | data analysis and reporting | payroll | interest rates | investments | taxes | bank records | insurance | ratios and proportions | depreciation | inventory

Business Communication

Nonverbal and verbal communication | communication concepts | report application | grammar | reading comprehension | editing and proofreading | word definition and usage | capitalization and punctuation | spelling | digital communication

Business Ethics

Short description of business math for students to learn about. Here's where the short description would go.

Business Financial Plan

Report and Presentation: Establish and develop a complete financial plan for a business venture by writing a report on the topic below. A one-page description of the plan should be the first page of the report (not included in page count).

Business Law

Legal systems | contracts and sales | business organization | property laws | agency and employment laws | negotiable instruments, insurance secured transactions, bankruptcy | consumer protection and product/personal liability | computer law | domestic and private law

Business Plan

Report and Presentation: An effective business plan should include the following information:

Executive Summary
Company Description
Target Market
Competitive Analysis
Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy
Management and Organization
Long-Term Development

Client Service

Includes a presentation or role play.

Coding & Programming

Two (2) parts: a prejudged project and a presentation.

Community Service Project

Report and Presentation: Reports must describe one (1) chapter project that serves the community. The project must be in the interest of the community and designed for chapter participation. Include: description of the project, chapter member involvement, degree of impact on the community, evidence of publicity received, project evaluation

Computer Applications

Production Test Competencies
Create, search, and query databases | spreadsheet functions and formulas | text slide graphics and presentations | business graphics | word processing
Objective Test Competencies
Basic computer terminology and concepts | presentation, publishing, and multimedia applications | email, integrated and collaboration applications | netiquette and legal issues | spreadsheet and database applications | security | formatting, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proofreading

Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Project and Presentation: Choose a programming language or game/animation engine to create a standalone executable program that will display creativity, programming skill, and convey the message of the topic. The program must run on Windows XP or a higher computer. Data must be free of viruses/malware. Any entry with contaminated data will not be judged. The program should be shown to the judges

Computer Problem Solving

Operating systems | networks | personal computer components | security | safety and environmental issues | laptop and portable devices | printers and scanners

Cyber Security

Defend and attack (virus, spam, spyware) | network security | disaster recovery | email security | intrusion detection | authentication | public key | physical security | cryptography | forensics security | cyber security policy

Database Design & Applications

Production Test Competencies
Multiple table database design | table creation, inserting data into tables | table SQL statements | creation of forms/reports
Objective Test Competencies
Data definitions/terminologies | query development | table relationships | form development | reports and forms

Digital Video Production

Project and Presentation: The production may use any method to capture or create moving images. The presentation should include sources used to research the topic, development and design process, use of different video techniques, a list of equipment and software used, and copyright information for pictures, music, or other items. The two (2) to four (4) minute video may be shown to the judges if desired.


Project and Presentation: Websites must be available for viewing on the Internet at the time of judging. No changes may be made to the website after the official entry date. Sites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible. If using a shopping cart, it does not need to be activated. Explanations should include development and design process, use and implementation of innovative technology, use and development of media elements. The website should be shown to the judges.


Basic economic concepts and principles | monetary and fiscal policy | productivity | macroeconomics | market structures | investments and interest rates | government role | types of businesses/economic institutions | business cycles/circular flow | supply and demand | international trade/global economics

Electronic Career Portfolio

The event is to be specific to the career goals and professional experiences that the student has completed; it is not a showcase of FBLA experiences. All information should reflect the student’s accomplishments and experiences that have actually occurred. The portfolio must include: a resume and a career summary. The career summary should include career choice, description of career, skills and education required, and future job outlook (e.g., monetary, advancement). Sample materials also must be included in the portfolio. These samples must include, but are not limited to, the following: Career-Related Education, Educational Enhancement, and Examples of Special Skills. These may be in any format but must fit within the dimensions of the portfolio. Audio and/or video recordings may be included in the portfolio.


Emerging Business Issues

Includes a presentation or role play.


Business plan | community/business relations | legal issues | initial capital and credit | personnel management | financial management | marketing management | taxes | government regulations
Case: A decision-making problem encountered by entrepreneurs in one (1) or more of the following areas: business planning, human relations, financial management, or marketing.

Future Business Leader

Objective Test: Score is added into the preliminary interview rating sheet.
Competencies: FBLA organization, bylaws, and handbook | national competitive event guidelines | national publications | creed and national goals | business knowledge, i.e., accounting, banking, law, etc.
Cover Letter: The letter should state reasons for deserving the honor of this award.
Resume: List your FBLA activities and involvement.

Global Business

Basic international concepts | ownership and management | marketing | finance | communication (including culture and language) | treaties and trade agreements | legal issues | human resource management | ethics | taxes and government regulations | currency exchange | international travel | career development
Case: A problem encountered in the international/global arena.

Graphic Design

Create a publication(s) as stated in guidelines. Includes a presentation.

Health Care Administration

Managing office procedures | medical terminology | legal and ethical issues | communication skills | managing financial functions | health insurance | records management | infection control | medical history | technology

Help Desk

Help desk concepts | help desk operations | people component: help desk roles and responsibilities | process component: help desk process and procedures | information component: help desk performance measure | help desk setting | customer support as a profession | management processes
Case: An interactive role-play scenario will be given based on customer service in the technical field.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality operation and management functions | hotel sales process | hospitality marketing concepts | human resource management in the hospitality industry | environmental, ethical, and global issues | customer service in the hospitality industry | legal issues, financial management, and budgeting | current hospitality industry trends | types of hospitality markets and customers
Case: A scenario in the hospitality management industry.

Impromptu Speaking

Two (2) 4” x 6” note cards will be provided to each competitor and may be used during event preparation and performance. Information may be written on both sides of the note cards. The cards will be collected following the presentation. No other reference materials such as visual aids or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the event preparation or presentation. Topics must relate to one (1) or more of the FBLA-PBL goals.

Insurance & Risk Management

Risk management process | property and liability insurance | health, disability, and life insurance | insurance knowledge | decision making | careers | ethics

Introduction to Business

9th & 10th graders

Money management, banking, and investments | consumerism | characteristics and organization of business | economic systems | rights and responsibilities of employees, managers, owners, and government | career awareness | global business | ethics | insurance

Introduction to Business Communication

9th & 10th graders

| punctuation and capitalization | oral communication concepts | reading comprehension | word definition and usage | proofreading and editing | spelling

Introduction to Business Presentation

9th & 10th graders

Create a business presentation that revolves around the theme.

Introduction to Business procedures

9th & 10th graders

Relations; Technology Concepts; Communication Skills; Decision Making/Management; Career Development; Business Operations; Database/Information Management; Ethics/Safety; Finance; Information Processing

Introduction to fBLA

9th & 10th graders

FBLA Organization; Bylaws and Chapter Management Handbook; National Competitive Event Guidelines; National Publications; Creed and National Goals

Introduction to financial Math

Basic Math Concepts; Consumer Credit; Data Analysis and Probability; Decimals; Discounts; Fractions; Percentages

Introduction to information technology

Computer Hardware; Computer Software; Operating Systems; Common Program Functions; Spreadsheets; Presentation Software; Networking Concepts; Email and Electronic Communication; Internet Use

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

9th & 10th graders

Parliamentary procedure principles | FBLA bylaws

Introduction to Public Speaking 

9th & 10th graders

The speech must be of a business nature and must be developed from one or more of the FBLA-PBL goals. When delivering the speech, competitors may use notes prepared notes before the event. No other reference materials such as visual aids or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the event preparation or presentation.

Job Interview

Cover Letter: Each competitor must apply for a business or business-related job at Merit Corporation (a fictitious company) in Washington, D.C. Company benefits include paid holidays and vacation, sick leave, a retirement plan, and health insurance. Salary will be commensurate with experience and education. Merit Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. The job must be one for which the competitor is now qualified or he/she will be qualified for at the completion of the current school year. It may be a part-time, internship, or full-time job.
Resume: Highlight your work/volunteer experience.
Job Application: Download from, FBLA, competitive events.


Economics and Business of Journalism; Grammar and Format; Law and Ethics of Journalism; Basic Principles of Journalism; History of Journalism


This online event challenges students to integrate multiple areas of business knowledge and skills, using critical-thinking skills and teamwork during the competition. Student teams will compete online during the fall and spring competitions.

Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Report and Presentation: Report should include the chapter’s annual business plan. Reports describe activities of the chapter that were conducted between the start of the previous State Leadership Conference and the current State Leadership Conference.

Management Decision Making

Information and communication systems | human resource management | financial management | business operations | management functions and environment | business ownership and law | strategic management | ethics and social responsibility | marketing | economic concepts | careers
Case: A problem encountered by managers in the following areas: human resource management, financial management, marketing management or information systems management. Competitors will assume the role of management and present a solution to the case study.

Management Information Systems

Systems analysis and design | database management and modeling concepts | object-oriented analysis and design | user interfaces | system controls | defining system and business requirements
Case: A decision-making problem outlining a small business’ environment and needs. Competitors will analyze the situation and recommend an information system solution to address the issues raised.


Basic marketing fundamentals | economics | selling and merchandising | channels of distribution | marketing, information research, and planning | promotion and advertising media | legal, ethical, and social marketing aspects | e-commerce
Case: A marketing problem is proposed, and a solution is discussed.

Mobile Application Development

Project and Presentation:  The following platforms may be used to develop the project: Google’s Android, Apple iOS, or Microsoft Windows Phone. Project submissions must include the source code and screen shots of the GUI in PDF format. The solution must run standalone with no programming errors. Applications may deploy from a smartphone, tablet, or both, but must be smartphone deployable. Applications do not need to be available for download from a digital-distribution multimedia-content service. The app should be shown to the judges.

Network Design

Network installation | problem solving and troubleshooting | network administrator functions | configuration of Internet resources | backup and disaster recovery | configuration network resources and services
Case: An analysis of a computing environment situation and recommendation for a network solution that addresses the issues provided.

Networking Concepts

General network terminology and concepts | network operating system concepts | equipment for network access (firewall, DSU/CSU, T1, WiFi) | OSI model and functionality | network topologies and connectivity | network security

Organizational Leadership

Leadership Concepts; Leadership Managerial Roles; Behavior and Motivation; Networking; Communication Skills; Leader and Follower Relations; Team Leadership; Self-Managed Teams; Strategic Leadership for Managing Crises and Change; Levels of Leadership; Leadership Theory; Traits of Effective Leaders; Personality Profile of Effective Leaders; Leadership Attitudes; Ethical Leadership; Relationship Between Power, Politics, Networking, and Negotiation; Coaching; Managing Conflict; Team Decision Making; Organizational Politics; Team Skills; Charismatic and Transformational Leadership; Stewardship and Servant Leadership; Diverse Setting

Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure principles | FBLA Bylaws
Case: The role play scenario will be given to simulate a regular chapter meeting. The examination and performance criteria for this event will be based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th issue.

Partnership with Business Project

Report and Presentation: Demonstrate the development and implementation of an innovative, creative, and effective partnership plan. Include: description of the partnership, goals and planning activities, roles of business leaders and chapter members in developing and implementing the partnership results, concepts learned and impact of the project, provide degree of involvement (hours spent, personal contact executives and department heads contacted), examples of publicity and recognition received as a result of the partnership.

Personal Finance

Credit and debt | earning a living (income, taxes) | managing budgets and finance | saving and investing | banking and insurance | financial principles related to personal decision making | buying goods and services

Public Service Announcement

Research and form an objective on the topic provided. | Create a 30-second video on the topic. | The video production may use any method to capture or create moving images | A Statement of Assurance entry form must be completed and submitted by the state chair or designee | The PSA video must be shown to the judges. The presentation should include the team’s objective toward the topic, major findings from the topic research, the script writing process, use of different video techniques, a list of equipment and software used, and copyright issues with pictures, music or other items. Competitors’ must bring their own script copy if they want to refer to it during the presentation.

Public Speaking

The speech must be of a business nature and must be developed from one or more of the FBLA-PBL goals. When delivering the speech, competitors may use notes prepared notes before the event. No other reference materials such as visual aids or electronic devices may be brought to or used during the event preparation or presentation.

Publication Design

Design a publication as stated in guidelines.  Includes a presentation.

Sales Presentation

Presentation of a product with the use of equipment and visual aids.

Securities & Investments

Investment fundamentals | personal investing | retirement and estate planning | financial services industry | financial assets & markets | financial services regulation | stock market | mutual funds.

Social Media Campaign

Create a social media marketing campaign according to guidelines. Includes a presentation.

Sports & Entertainment Management

Management basics | event management | management functions | decision making | management strategies | strategic planning tools | networking and delegating | leadership | managing groups and teams | ethics | management for entertainment industry | marketing concepts and buyer behavior | marketing information management and research | marketing mix and product life cycle | distribution, pricing, and market conditions | promotion, advertising, and sponsorship | sales | entrepreneurship | human resource management | careers
Case: A problem outlining the understanding and awareness of sports and entertainment issues within today’s society.

Spreadsheet Applications

Production Test Competencies
Basic mathematical concepts | data organization concepts | creating formulas | functions | generate graphs for analysis purposes | pivot tables | create macros | filter and extract data
Objective Test Competencies
Formulas | functions | graphics, charts, reports | purpose for spreadsheets | pivot tables and advanced tools | macros and templates | filters and extraction of data | format and print options.

Virtual Business finance Challenge

The Virtual Business Finance Challenge is a newly recognized official FBLA competitive event. Members will use this simulation to test their skills at managing their own financial lives and will compete against students across the country. Students file taxes, open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, monitor credit scores, apply for jobs, purchase insurance, and more. The online simulation is 100 percent web-based.

Virtual Business Management Challenge

This event is based on the Virtual Business Management web-based simulation where FBLA students test their skills at managing businesses individually or as a team. No downloads are required for this online application. The VBC consists of two (2) challenges during the year (fall and spring), and each challenge focuses on different business concepts such as recruiting job candidates, hiring & supervising employees, productivity & efficiency, risk management and more.

Website Design

Project and Presentation: The website must be available for viewing on the Internet at the time of judging. No changes can be made to the website after the official entry date. Websites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible. Explanations should include the development and design process, the use and implementation of innovative technology, and the use and development of media elements. The website should be shown to the judges.

Word Processing

Production Test Competencies
Production of all types of business forms | letters and mail merge | memos | tables | reports (including statistical) | materials from rough draft and unarranged copy | email messages
Objective Test Competencies
Related application knowledge | advanced applications | document formatting rules and standards | grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proofreading | printing.