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St. Albans High School, St. Albans, WV, was chartered February 5, 1942.  They were the second chapter chartered in the US.  Now with 45 chapters and 900 members, WV FBLA is one of the largest student organizations in the state. 

Presently the WV FBLA plans and holds a Fall Leadership Conference and a Spring Leadership Conference.  These conferences are held to help members with their leadership and business skills.  In addition the fall conference offers tips on different competitions to help students as they prepare for competitive events. 

The state leadership team also hosts a Winner's Circle in June to help prepare students for competition.  Students take practice tests or practice presentation events in front of judges to get feedback on their performance.

Throughout the year the state officer team has developed committees to work with officers to have members more active in the organization.  They spend time developing community service and improve communication. 

If your school doesn't have an FBLA chapter, talk with your local business educator(s) or contact a member of the state officer team below.

FBLA has changed me for the better throughout my high school years. This organization really has prepared me to be a leader in my future. I have learned business skills, made many friendships, traveled the country, and learned how to speak in front of people confidently all through FBLA. I am truly thankful for all of the experiences I have been given by Future Business Leaders of America.
— Liz Adams—Wirt County High School 2014-2015 State Vice President




My name is Caleb Gussler, I am a senior at Hannan High in Mason County West Virginia. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and travel. This is my fourth year in FBLA and my second term as a State Officer. This year, I will be working on Membership Recruitment. I plan to improve our states membership numbers this year with workshops, contests, and chapter visits. I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you this year and feel free to contact me at any time on Instagram "@calebgusslerfbla" or email

Caleb Gussler, President




Hello, I am Jesse Lovejoy, your proudly elected FBLA Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year. I am a Senior at Buffalo High School in Putnam county. I have been a member of FBLA for 4 years, learning more with every year. I am an Assistant Athletic Trainer for Buffalo’s football team as well as a Head Chairman for TARS. In my free time, I practice playing harmonica and fiddle. I consider myself to be dedicated in everything I do. I intend to bring this with my plan of work.

My plan of work has changed since my campaign, however, it still benefits FBLA. My focus will be on social media for WVFBLA. I will make sure our social media websites are kept up to date, and hopefully post more pictures on the sites. To do this, I hope to designate fellow members such as you, for picture taking, kind of like the press, and yes you will receive the title. My hand in social media, may also play a big role in what else I hope to see in this organization.

When I ran for Vice President this year, I was shocked to see nearly everyone running unopposed. We need more encouraged participation because you all are our future. Once we leave, it will be up to the future generations to pick up the torch. I’m hoping with our social media campaign, we can encourage everyone to take the next step and lead. Remember, always extend out that helping hand to those in need.

Montani Semper Liberi.

Jesse Lovejoy, Vice-President
Buffalo High School
3680 Buffalo Rd,
Buffalo, WV 25033



Hello! My name is Lauren Moore. I am a senior at South Harrison High School in Lost Creek, WV. This is my fourth year in FBLA and my second term as your State Secretary. This year, I will be continuing the development of middle level chapters and their involvement in this organization. I can’t wait to connect with all of you this year and feel free to contact me at any time on Instagram (@laurenmoorefbla), Twitter (@laurennnmooreee), or email (!

Lauren Moore, Secretary
South Harrison High School
3073 Hawk Hwy
Lost Creek, WV 26385



Hi, my name is Gabe Adams. I’m from the Wirt County chapter of FBLA. I run Cross Country and Track and Field. I like going for bike rides and working with computers in my spare time. I’m also a Life Scout in Boy Scouts of America. I’m excited to be your new Parliamentarian.


Debra Conrad

We are so excited about FBLA and the future of this wonderful organization. I retired in 2009 after teaching for 33 years and the one thing I missed most was FBLA. I had been an adviser for 30 years and during those years, FBLA had given me so many rewards: travel, friendships, amazing students, and years of memories.

Dianna Carpenter and I volunteered to help Susan Rice for the first three years of retirement, after that she resigned and recommended that we take over FBLA due to our passion for the organization. I can't tell you how excited we were when the State Dept. of Education offered us this opportunity.


Denise Stalnaker Losh

Hello, I am Mrs. Denise Losh and I have been a business teacher for over 25 years. Being chosen to help guide FBLA is an honor and I have loads to learn. With everyone’s help I would like to see WV FBLA continue to grow and be successful. It is super exciting to have a West Virginia student recognized in the top ten at nationals.